Bottled Aluminum Water Is Special

Our aluminum bottles are infinitely recyclable. When recycled, these they can be turned into new bottles in as little as 60 days

The water inside them is an Alkaline Balanced, BPA-Free, Pure Mountain Spring. Sourced from a Federally protected, sustainable 2-mile-deep spring.

Our resealable caps allow you to refill the bottle as many times as your heart desires.


More About Hylux Founder Lamar Letts

After a heart injury ended his track career, Northeastern University alumni Lamar Letts (DMSB 17') created the vitamin drink Hylux. He was tired of diluting sugary sports drinks with water and made Hylux as a healthier and more nutritious option. Lamar started his business at Northeastern as a freshman and has now gone on to launch Hylux across the U.S & in 5 different countries.

Lamar travels to different colleges to give talks on how-to start a business and has even written a book on starting a product based business.