simple hydration & nutrition

Hylux is a vitamin filled & nutritionally enhanced water,
made with all natural ingredients.

Hylux has 80 calories per bottle. 😱

what hylux tastes like 🍓

Hylux is light and refreshing, with a bold and flavorful taste. It’s a perfectly balanced drink that’s not too sweet but not too light. It’s great in the morning, during the day or with a meal.

The amount of sugar and junk in beverages these days is ridiculous. 

You shouldn't ever have to worry or feel guilty about your food choices. 

Staying hydrated and getting proper nutrition everyday isn’t easy.

Hylux simplifies daily nutrition with vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants.  😎

A drink for your needs 💧

Water is healthy but tasteless. Everyone wants food
that tastes good and is good for you.

If you’ve ever found reading nutrition labels
annoying or even scary—Hylux is for you

happy customers 😍

"This morning my husband and I tried the Pomegranate Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi (which is our favorite by the way). I look forward to supporting you guys for many years to come!"

– Shelby Bernard‎ 

"Just cracked open a cold bottle of raspberry and I gotta say, it tastes nothing like how I expected a low calorie drink to taste. It's really good and I'll definitely be buying more."

– Kara Stephens‎ 

"Pomegranate Raspberry was definitely my favorite and as someone who tries to stay away from carbs for the most part, these are a great middle ground between plain water and sugary (or artificially sweetened) energy drinks."

– Valerie Cabral

"Hey I just picked mine up yesterday and I wanted to say they are great! Make sure to let all of us know when you are ready to open up a second round of orders. I want on that list!"

Naviri, Kickstarter Backer #359