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About the Creator

During the spring semester of my freshman year at Northeastern University I created the vitamin-enhanced water beverage Hylux. After recovering from myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart muscle, I envisioned a beverage that would be beneficial for me as I got back into fitness.
Immediately after my recovery, I was forced to either dilute traditional sports drinks or create my own homemade sports drinks after workouts. I drank these as an alternative to traditional sports drinks because I was not exercising at my previous intensity levels and could not afford to take in the extra calories and sugar. As you can imagine, doing this after every workout became VERY tedious. I always knew that there was a lack of hydration alternatives for health conscious individuals however; it was at that time that I truly felt realized the problem with that. From there I decided that it was time to fix it.
Up until that point I was an accomplished track athlete, leading my high school team to many championship meets and collecting numerous accolades myself; so I personally felt that a drink made to help me in this situation could help others also.
I set out to make the perfect sports drink; one that would combine the lightness of water with the benefits of a sports drink. It definitely wasn’t as easy as it sounds (food science is tricky!) but I brought my vision to life and I am thrilled with the result.
This isn’t a story on how Hylux magically brought me back into shape; however, it definitely played a large role in my motivation and dedication to nutrition. Bringing Hylux into the beverage world has been an exciting journey and its something that I plan to continue doing. People so far me have been loving it, which makes it all the more worthwhile!
If you have any questions, comments or an experience that you would like to share with me I'd be glad to listen. Feel free to email me at info@drinkhylux.com or reach out to me on the Hylux Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages.